If you’re an independent restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or café or indeed any hospitality operation serving fresh coffee, we’d like to help you to offer your customers a more adventurous cup; more aromatic, tastier, attractively presented and a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We craft roast a small, yet exceptional, seasonal range of products to suit your customers’ palate from espresso coffee beans, to decaffeinated, classic all-day filter coffees and highly characterful single origin coffees from our favourite farms, estates and small-holder producers across the Tropics.

Each month we add a selection of distinctive adventurous coffees to our list. These include great coffees for filter brewing or espresso. June’s coffees include:

  • Panama La Huella Don Nery Natural Catuai – berries, milk chocolate, cranberry
  • Colombia Clinton Ossa Micro-lot – damson, port, almond, super sweet
  • Ethiopia Adado Yirgacheffe – Jasmine, lime and apricot
  • Ethiopia Guji Mormora Natural – Blueberry and stawberry
  • Colombia El Paraiso – Hazelnut and orange

Should you require additional support, we can also offer hands-on barista training, coffee-making equipment, bespoke menus, consultancy and the finest ancillary products to better help you and your staff to sell coffee and enthuse your customers.

We also have an array of in-room solutions for boutique hotels and guesthouses and can supply high quality loose tea and tea temples, the finest chocolate for hot beverages and beautiful crockery and coffee brewing equipment.


Our seasonal selection of retail packaged coffees are available for coffee shops, delis, farm shops and all other specialist food and drink retailers and make a wonderful addition to the shelves.

With a range of coffees to suit a variety of customer tastes, these freshly roasted coffees are carefully packaged and presented in both beans and pre-ground coffee. We also offer a distinctive array of single farm and varietal coffees, our seasonal favourites, limited editions and gift selections.