Tamper Tasting: 31st March 2015

We traveled over to Sheffield this week, to the excellent Tamper Cafe at Seller’s Wheel. They were hosting a Dark Woods coffee “cupping” for the evening. It was great to see a handful of local baristas in attendance but also many of Tampers customers whose enthusiasm for coffee and led them to wanting to learn more.

Damian had selected a number of coffees with “Altitude” as the theme for the night – the influence it has in coffee flavour. We tasted a number of coffees to simulate walking up the mountain to see how flavours often become cleaner and more distinctive in their fruity acidity the higher you go.

We also had some in depth discussions on how the density of the bean alters with altitude and how this may affect its performance when you come to brew it.

Thanks to all who came along and thanks to Tamper for being a great host

Tamper tasting2   Tamper tasting 3