Colombia Herlindo Sepulveda (micro-lot)


Herlindo’s farm – Buena Vista – may be small at 1.5 hectares, but his talent as a coffee farmer is huge. He is a member of Coocafisa (Coop Salgar), one of the largest cooperatives in Antioquia. The group has recently begun working with Pergamino on various quality improvement programmes, inspired by Jose Arcadio of Finca la Falda, two-time winner of Cup of Excellence and, coincidentally, also from Urrao and a member of the cooperative himself!

This is a superb and unique caturra chiroso arabica micro-lot sourced by Pergamino Exporters in Antioquia. This was the coffee used in the very first Mercanta international coffee roasting competition, where Dark Woods Coffee placed second. This is our competition roast.

tastes of berry fruits, rhubarb and candied lemon



Colombia Herlindo Sepulvida  (micro-lot) 

Finca Buena Vista, Urrao, Antioquia
Fully Washed

100% Caturra Chiroso Arabica 


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Beans, Ground

Available Sizes

250g, 1kg