Hunter in the Woods: 25th March 2015

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Many thanks for Mercanta (The Coffee Hunters) coming down to the Mill last week to run a cupping of all their new and exciting coffees.

A host of other roasters and top baristas (from as far as Norway!) came along to slurp their way through two flights of new beans. The first selection included coffees from Java, Bolivia, El Salvador and Brazil but it was the Colombian coffees that were most favoured by the crowd on the night.

The second selection had very distinctive coffees from Costa Rica, Tanzania, Guatemala, and a Sumatran natural but it was the Kenyan coffees that won here, especially the one from Gathaiti.

Thank you for all that came along. It was great to catch up with everyone afterwards and have a few local beers, cheeses and breads (from our friends at The Handmade Bakery) afterwards in the candle lit mill.