Creative Mornings in Sheffield

PennyDarkwoods have been finding their way into some unusual locations of late, but none more so than Sheffield’s famous monument to brutalist architecture, Park Hill. The reason? – a rolling programme of international networking events for which we were this month’s coffee sponsor.

Creative Mornings describes its-self “as a breakfast lecture series for the creative community”, and offers a monthly opportunity for like-minded people to meet and discuss ideas over coffee and doughnuts.

Well, you had me at coffee and doughnuts but I also got to hear a thought provoking and very funny talk by Sheffield resident and creative entrepreneur Tom Tobias. Check out his Makervisity project here. Tom Tobias

If you are a creative thinker or a coffee drinker you could do a lot worse than checking out the next Sheffield Creative Morning at the end of March. We won’t be there but watch the events page as we are sure to return to dispense some more delicious thinking fuel over the coming months.