The coffees we choose to roast are the key ingredients to everything that we do. Choosing green coffee is really simple: it can be purely about the aroma and flavour of the coffee; it can be about buying coffee from our favourite growing regions or from producer friends we’ve met over the past 15 years; it might be a coffee that sparks our imagination for a really wonderful blend; it could even be a coffee we’ve never experienced before and it really grabs our attention. But at the end of the day, we’re buying it for you to enjoy.

It’s a shame we can have such short attention spells when it comes to great coffee. We’d rather return each year to buy ever increasing volumes from our coffee supply partners than buy a bag here and there to suit our own palates and trends.

It’s not just about ethical buying, which should be a given, it’s about good business practice for everyone involved in the supply chain who’ve put a little bit of their own soul into delivering the very finest coffee from the harvest to Dark Woods.