Barista Camp, Athens 2014

European Barista Guild – Barista Camp, Athens 2014

Just a quick note to congratulate all who organised and attended the EBG Barista Camp in October.

The camp brought together over 150 baristas from all over the world all keen to learn more about coffee. There was a formal education section where people chose one of three different SCAE Diploma modules to follow, as well as some great presentations from the likes of Graciano Cruz and Trevor Corlett, to name a couple. All this as well as a load of late night drinking and swimming!

I went along to teach the Intermediate Barista Module; a daunting task as we had over 50 baristas to get through a tight schedule and exams. It all seemed to go smoothly though thanks to some great organisation from the EBG, a top team of trainers and helpers, and the baristas themselves, many having skills well in advance of the Intermediate qualification.

I believe they are looking for suggestions for where to hold next years but wherever I would encourage you to get involved