New Coffee Arrivals for February

Tom Wilkinson introduces some of our stunning new arrivals at the Dark Woods mill.

After what seems like an unfeasibly short January, we find ourselves already a week into the famously brief month of February. Without further ado, therefore, I gleefully present this month’s new exciting seasonal specialities.

Kicking off, we have a real treat in the form of an exclusive micro-lot from Brazil Speciality Coffee. It’s a naturally processed Bourbon (naturally!) and delivers a refined example of classic Brazil flavours. As a single origin espresso you get sticky sweetness, praline and a lovely plump body. Things get a little more intriguing when brewed as a filter. Here the chocolate and nuts are joined by delicate strawberry notes that all pull together to resemble a fistful of Cadbury’s Roses (other chocolates are available).

My pick of the month comes in the form of a superb washed Ethiopian… It appeared on the cupping table alongside some scarily good Colombians (watch this space!) and really stood out amongst some heavyweight company. Displaying classic Yirgecheffe character this coffee balances orange blossom and lemon drops against bergamot and black tea and it really is one of the best examples that I have tasted in a long time. The jury is out on whether it brews well as an espresso – certainly it lacks the body we traditional expect from this method – but all the character and elegance is preserved in perfect balance. With very short milk drinks the effect is like a soft and marshmallowy lemon meringue pie and so you like your espresso experimental then why not give it a shot?